About Me

Hi there....I'm Rhiannon and I live in a lovely little Cotswold village just outside the Spa town of Cheltenham with my husband Scott and son Evan.

I work full time as a Project Manager for a company that design and produce cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, which whilst often challenging is a job I really enjoy.

I became a mum in 2012 and whilst I like to think I am a good mother, I often feel a little out of my depth and often worry about whether I should be at home more, or be baking cakes, or joining more mummy and toddler classes, all things I seem to read that all those lovely yummy mummies are busy doing with their future genius children!!

So I began thinking that if I often feel overwhelmed by some of the daily challenges I face as a working mum, then surely there are plenty more me's out there, who might also like to have a laugh and share in some of the ridiculous situations all of us mums find ourselves in from time to time.

And whilst it sometimes feels like its all about the kids, don't lets forget that we still occasionally like to still find time to try and keep up with the latest fashions, beauty trends, gorgeous shoes, holidays and weekends away, mixed in with some interesting lifestyle tit bits...

So enjoy...xx

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