Thursday, 4 September 2014

The simple things in life...

I think it's fair to say that from time to time we all get caught up in the craziness of our busy lives, and forget to take a step back from it all and allow ourselves to remember and fully appreciate what is important in life and what makes us truly happy human beings.

For most people you will usually find that once you cut through all the material rubbish, the things that make us really happy are the simple things in life.....such as:

  • Experiencing an unexpected weekend of glorious last of the summer weather, that just happens to coincide with a visit to the seaside.
  • Rolling your trousers up to your knees and paddling in the sea with your child, and witnessing them squeal with delight as the water hits their little legs as they try to jump over the waves
  • Walking barefoot on the beach and feeling the warm sand between your toes.
  • Eating ice creams on a beautiful village green, just watching the world go by on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • Taking your son on his first ever boat ride and watching his face as he takes in the sounds and smells of the sea.
  • Watching your childish husband re-create the infamous Daniel-san move from the Karate Kid film.
  • Playing Bob the Builder with your son whilst he happily drills his pretend power tool into your mother in laws concrete pig!
  • Snuggling up in bed with your son in the middle of the night and feeling totally at peace whilst listening to the sound of his breathing against your chest.
  • Eating your mother in laws scrummy home baked cakes and trying not to think too long about how bad they are for you!


I was lucky enough to have experienced all of these simple things last weekend during a lovely visit to South Devon to see the in laws, and it brought it home to me that it really is the simple things in life that make me a happy bunny. So the next time I wish I had a bigger house, or find myself getting sad about the fact that I might be running out of time to get pregnant again, or wish that I could work less and spend more time with my son, I just need to take that step back and remember that those things would really just be the icing on the cake, and even if none of those things happen for me I am already one lucky lady, and know in my heart that I already have what makes me truly happy.....Yeah me.

Thanks for reading...

Rhiannon xx

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