Thursday, 17 July 2014

If Carlsberg did perfect summer days..

You may have read in my last post that it has been a busy few months in the Tudor house, and so as last weekend approached I was really looking forward to a long overdue weekend at home with just my boys.

We didn't have any particular plans, we were just going to see what Saturdays weather looked like and make a spontaneous decision about our day's plans.

Whilst we were busy talking through our options one of our friends called to say that they were taking their children to the Stanway village fete, in the grounds of the beautiful Stanway House, between Winchcombe and Broadway, a perfect example of a Cotswold Manor House set in acres of beautiful gardens, and also boasting the tallest single jet fountain in Europe!

Apparently a few more of our friends and their kids were thinking of also going along so it was a no brainer really.

So decision made, a traditional village fete on a beautiful summer’s day with friends, what could be better?

Now if you imagine in your head the most traditional of English summer fete's then you can start to get a feel for what this one was all about...oh yes...I'm talking brass band, village choir, morris dancers, and more tea and cake than you could shake a stick at! I literally felt like I had been dropped in a scene from Midsomers Murder but without the dead bodies!

However, my initial trepidation on the cheesiness of this particular fete soon gave way to the chilled out and friendly vibes that permeated through the whole event. All around people were chilling with their friends and loved ones, and the grounds were big enough for everyone to spread out and have a great time, whether it was just soaking in the sun or playing football and running around like lunatics, which was exactly what our little group were doing…and that was just the grown ups!!!

The jet fountain really was truly an impressive sight, and in addition to entertaining the kids, the cold spray on such a hot day was a real bonus.

However, the highlight of the afternoon (and I apologise in advance to my husband for writing this) was when Scott got stung by an unidentifiable insect. It wasn’t so much that it was funny watching him writhing around in pain…but watching Evan’s confused little face as he witnessed his daddy clutching his foot and trying his hardest not to swear in front of the kids was I have to say a very funny scene.

The fete ended at 5pm, but as it was such a gorgeous day and we were all having such a lovely chilled out time we all decided to move on to the Plough Pub in Prestbury, a cute little thatched roofed pub with a fantastic beer garden out the back, big enough to let the kids literally run amuck without having to worry about their safety or them getting in anyone’s way.

A few hours later, following food, more football and a good bit of banter the kids and some of the adults were finally starting to flag, and so we all decided to call time on our lovely day.

We got back home, and I just about managed to get Ev undressed and into his pyjamas before he collapsed into a deep sleep, and to be honest we weren’t far behind him!

So it's fair to say that if Carlsberg did perfect summer days, last Saturday would have been it…!!!

Thanks for reading,

Rhiannon xx

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