Thursday, 1 May 2014

A wonderful tribute to a lost father...

The loss of a parent is such a dramatic and monumental event in anyone's life, particularly if you have continued to have a strong bond and relationship into your adult years. I think growing up you take your parents for granted, especially if they are great parents. You just assume that everyone has the love, support and security that you have, and it is only when you grow a little older and learn from your peers that sadly not all parents are like that and not all your friends have the relationship with their parents that you do. Well that was certainly how it was for me and even when the thought of either of my parents dying pops into my head I have to dismiss it very quickly, as even the thought is too much for my brain to process, so I just bury my head in the sand and figure that I will deal with it when it happens and just hope that this will be a long way off in the future.

So yesterday when I heard the news that Bob Hoskins had sadly died I felt a tinge of sadness, as I always admired him as an actor, and whilst he was best known for his London hard man image, my favourite memory of him will always be as the loveable boyfriend in Mermaids, still to this day one of my favourite films. However, when I read the tribute that his daughter Rosa had paid to him yesterday and read through the life lessons that he had shared and taught her, the human story really hit me hard, that this lady who obviously worshipped her father had lost him forever, and when I read the amazing and beautiful lessons he had taught her I cried for the loss that this person that I don't even know is suffering. For I too will have to one day experience this loss, and therefore my thoughts and greatest sympathy are with Rosa and her family at this saddest of times.
I wanted to share the tribute and lessons with you if you haven't already seen them as they are fantastic and lessons to truly believe and live by...

11 Lessons from my Dad

My darling Dad has died. I loved him to the ends of the earth and he loved me back just the same. These are the lessons he taught me, I will keep them close to my heart and remind myself of them whenever I stumble or falter. They are his words; the words spoken so often to encourage, comfort and reassure. This isn’t general wisdom, rather advice that he tailor-made just for me. I love you Dad.
1) Laugh. There’s humour to be found everywhere, even your darkest days there’s something to have a joke about. Laugh long and loud and make other people laugh. It’s good for you.

2) Be yourself. If someone doesn’t like you they’re either stupid , blind, or they’ve got bad taste. Accept who you are, you’ve got no one else to be. Don’t try to change yourself, there’s no point. Don’t apologise. Don’t make excuses. Be yourself and if anyone else doesn’t like it they can f*ck off.

3) Be flamboyant, it’s who you are and always have been. Be eccentric and unique. Don’t try to adapt yourself to someone else’s view of normal. That belongs to them, not you. Like yourself as you are.

4) Don’t worry about other people’s opinions. Everyone’s a critic, but ultimately what they say only matters if you let it. Don’t believe your own press. People can just as easily sing your praises as they can tear you down. Don’t waste your time on things you can’t change. Let it slide off you like water off a duck’s back.

5) Get angry, it’s ok to lose your temper now and then. If anger stays in, it turns to poison and makes you bitter and sad. Get angry, say your peace, then let it go.

6) What ever you do, always give it a good go. Don’t be afraid of failure and disappointment. If you fall flat on your face then get straight back up. You’ll always regret not trying. Disappointment is temporary, regret is forever.

7) Be generous and kind because you can’t take it with you. When you’ve got something to give, give it without hesitation.

8) Appreciate beauty, take pictures and make memories. Capture it, you never know when it’ll be gone.

9) Don’t take yourself too seriously. People who take themselves too seriously are boring.

10) Never, ever, ever, ever give up. Keep on punching no matter what your up against. You’re only defeated if you give up, so don’t give up.

11) Love with all your heart. In the end, love is the only thing that matters.

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