Tuesday, 1 April 2014

you know you're the mum of a toddler when...

In the middle of an important meeting you reach in your bag for your smart phone and pull out a toy car..awkward..

You suddenly become the sensible one who is always on hand with the wet wipes…not the must have accessory you used to never be without..

The sound of Mummy being murmered in the middle of the night sends panic and dread into you in equal measures...you hold your breath and hope for the best..

You have to explain for the 1000th time that throwing is not allowed… especially not drumsticks (sorry daddy) but then have to follow it up with clarification that this rule does not apply to balls..#confused child..

You now have to set your alarm ten minutes earlier to accommodate the Benny Hill routine that takes place every morning when you try to get your toddler dressed for nursery, as judging by the fuss they are making it has clearly become torture to the poor little mite..

Your toddler has developed better stalling negotiation tactics to avoid bed-time than you have ever managed to acquire, despite your attendance at many pricey corporate negotiation courses over the years..

Your toddler clings to your legs sobbing not to be left at nursery in the morning and then sobs in equal measures when you try and drag him away in the evening…#confused mam..

Your toddler can suddenly access all his favourite apps and films on your I-Pad without your help or permission..

Mummy’s boobies suddenly become a source of much amusement much to your deflated ego (and deflated boobs)..

The foods you thought they liked suddenly they don’t and vice versa….and for some reason food now has to be double loaded in both hands...could meal times be any more confusing..

You think your heart will literally melt when your toddler starts talking and says “love you mam”…followed by a far too salty wet kiss…and you love it all the same...

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