Friday, 25 April 2014

My house has golden windows...

I remember as a child being told a story in assembly about a child who lived in a little farm house on a hill with her family. This child worked hard on her family's farm all day long.  Everyday the child would finish work and at sunset would sit on the edge of the hill and look over and admire the house across the other side of the valley. You see this house had amazing golden windows. The child swore that one day she would travel across the valley to see this beautiful house and admire it close up. Finally with enough money saved she made the journey, excited and enthralled at what lay ahead. The journey was long and took all day and by the time the child arrived it was sunset. She finally reached the house and stared in disbelief as the house looked exactly the same as the house that her and her family lived in. There were no golden windows to admire or wonder at. Despondent the child sat down and stared across the valley contemplating the long journey back home. The child looked in amazement to see a house with golden windows as beautiful as the house she had come looking for…but when she looked closer she realised with amazement that it was her house and smiled at the realisation that she already lived in a house with beautiful golden windows!!

Slightly strange start to a post I know, but that story came to my mind a few nights ago after I attended a glitzy party packed with glamorous young people and reality TV “celebrities”…Apart from feeling ridiculously under dressed and lacking in the uniform spray tan, false lashes and six inch stilettos, it also made me a little sad that my life no longer involved a steady stream of night's out with friends in glamorous and new locations.
After a long drive back from London I crawled into bed exhausted and looking forward to a well needed night's sleep. However, my rest was quickly interrupted when a few hours later my little boy full up with a cold started crying. I lay there for a few moments hoping that he would fall back asleep and wondering how many of the people at that party were still out having fun with their carefree, responsibility free lives!!

Realising that he wasn’t going to stop crying and go back to sleep I reluctantly went into him with the intention of settling him back down into his bed. However he immediately lifted up his arms towards me and said “mammy cwtch”...clever boy that son of mine, he knows how to work his mam!!
So we snuggled into the bed in the spare room and he pushed his warm little body as close to mine as he could manage and rested his head on my chest. As I lay there in the dark stroking his hair softly and listening to his breathing, I realised that I was in fact exactly where I wanted to be, and whilst it would be nice if sometimes my life was a little more exciting and glamorous, I wouldn’t in a million years change being the mother of this clever, funny, gorgeous little boy whom I am proud to call my son, and I am pretty sure that if I am lucky enough to still be around in thirty years it is these precious, ordinary moments that I will look back and remember and cherish and no doubt miss.

So back to the story at the beginning…I have also realised that my house definitely has golden windows….
Now this would be a very poignant and heart-warming moment to stop writing and push the publish button on this little post. However, in true toddler style my little monkey well and truly spoilt the mood and the moment by getting a second wind and refusing to go back to sleep, and repeatedly asking to watch his cars movie…for two hours!!!

So let’s just say that my house has golden windows most of the time..!!!

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Rhiannon xx

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