Saturday, 5 April 2014

Am I too old for ombre hair...??

For anyone reading this that knows me or for those that have seen pictures of me through this blog will know that I have very thick, naturally curly hair. I love having long hair and my hair has been pretty much the same length since I was about seventeen, and whilst I keep reading that women of a certain age should start thinking about moving to a shorter more age appropriate length, I can’t quite bring myself to cut it shorter, even though I am long overdue for a change.

I think my reluctance to move away from long hair stems from my childhood days when up until the age of about 13 I was mistaken for a boy, due to my very short cropped hair and straight up and down athletic body. In fact this only changed when I finally started sprouting boobs and even my short little monkey cut finally gave the game away that I was in fact a girl!!

I understand my mum’s decision to keep my unruly hair cut very short…after all she had three young children to look after, and there were no frizz control products or appliances on the market back then to at least help control the frizz and knots.  But I don’t think you can underestimate the effect on a young girl’s ego getting constantly mistaken for a boy at such a fragile age.

Anyway, back to the subject of ombre hair. As my hair length and style has rarely changed in the last twenty years, my only real opportunity to inject any kind of interest and refresh into my hair has been through colour.

Over the years I have tried highlights, lowlights and various shades of brown, blonde and even red, so I’m not afraid of a bit of adventure on the colour front. But one colour trend I haven’t yet tried is Ombre.

Now I appreciate that I am hardly keeping pace with what’s trending, as I know that this look has been around now for a number of years. But the fact that this trend is still pretty prolific after a few years means that clearly it is still a popular choice with many women and so I thought I might give it a whirl.

Done really well the ombre effect on hair can look really very striking. The effect takes on a very different look depending on whether you are sporting straight or curly hair. Straight haired styles make the effect look a lot more obvious and fashion forward, whilst the effect on curly hair is more natural, as the colour wraps itself beautifully around the curls to create a fabulous sun-kissed or honey soaked look depending on the shade of blond you have opted for.

Now you see in my head my new ombre hair will look something along the lines of the beautiful mane of SJP below…

Whereas in reality I fear it could end up looking more like the Nicky Minaj take on ombre…no offence Nicky!!

I’m hoping the former would certainly be the case, but us ladies know the fear that exists just before the towel comes off and reveals our new colour for the first time. Always a nerve wracking few moments.

But I guess the real issue in question for me is the age appropriateness of ombre hair for a 40 year old mum…Is it a cool look for my age, and in fact should I even care either way...or should I accept that this is a look best left to my younger peers…???

What do you guys think? Decision pending feedback so please don’t be shy and let me know via the comment field below, my Facebook or Twitter page....all comments welcome.

 Look forward to hearing from you.

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