Friday, 25 April 2014

My house has golden windows...

I remember as a child being told a story in assembly about a child who lived in a little farm house on a hill with her family. This child worked hard on her family's farm all day long.  Everyday the child would finish work and at sunset would sit on the edge of the hill and look over and admire the house across the other side of the valley. You see this house had amazing golden windows. The child swore that one day she would travel across the valley to see this beautiful house and admire it close up. Finally with enough money saved she made the journey, excited and enthralled at what lay ahead. The journey was long and took all day and by the time the child arrived it was sunset. She finally reached the house and stared in disbelief as the house looked exactly the same as the house that her and her family lived in. There were no golden windows to admire or wonder at. Despondent the child sat down and stared across the valley contemplating the long journey back home. The child looked in amazement to see a house with golden windows as beautiful as the house she had come looking for…but when she looked closer she realised with amazement that it was her house and smiled at the realisation that she already lived in a house with beautiful golden windows!!

Slightly strange start to a post I know, but that story came to my mind a few nights ago after I attended a glitzy party packed with glamorous young people and reality TV “celebrities”…Apart from feeling ridiculously under dressed and lacking in the uniform spray tan, false lashes and six inch stilettos, it also made me a little sad that my life no longer involved a steady stream of night's out with friends in glamorous and new locations.
After a long drive back from London I crawled into bed exhausted and looking forward to a well needed night's sleep. However, my rest was quickly interrupted when a few hours later my little boy full up with a cold started crying. I lay there for a few moments hoping that he would fall back asleep and wondering how many of the people at that party were still out having fun with their carefree, responsibility free lives!!

Realising that he wasn’t going to stop crying and go back to sleep I reluctantly went into him with the intention of settling him back down into his bed. However he immediately lifted up his arms towards me and said “mammy cwtch”...clever boy that son of mine, he knows how to work his mam!!
So we snuggled into the bed in the spare room and he pushed his warm little body as close to mine as he could manage and rested his head on my chest. As I lay there in the dark stroking his hair softly and listening to his breathing, I realised that I was in fact exactly where I wanted to be, and whilst it would be nice if sometimes my life was a little more exciting and glamorous, I wouldn’t in a million years change being the mother of this clever, funny, gorgeous little boy whom I am proud to call my son, and I am pretty sure that if I am lucky enough to still be around in thirty years it is these precious, ordinary moments that I will look back and remember and cherish and no doubt miss.

So back to the story at the beginning…I have also realised that my house definitely has golden windows….
Now this would be a very poignant and heart-warming moment to stop writing and push the publish button on this little post. However, in true toddler style my little monkey well and truly spoilt the mood and the moment by getting a second wind and refusing to go back to sleep, and repeatedly asking to watch his cars movie…for two hours!!!

So let’s just say that my house has golden windows most of the time..!!!

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

He's definitely bringing sexy back...

So last Friday was the day I finally got to enjoy a very belated but much anticipated Chistmas present from my lovely husband, namely two tickets for the Justin Timberlake concert in Birmingham's NEC.

I know I'm probably a little too old to get excited about watching a certain Mr Trousersnake...but apart from the fact that I was pretty confident that he was gonna put on a great show and be a fabulous entertainer, it was more to do with the fact that my friend Anna and I had decided that rather than just drive up and back to the concert, we would actually stay over night and make a bit of a mini break out of the event...and I need explain no further to all you mums out there why that was worth getting excited about.

We both took the Friday afternoon off and drove up and by the time we parked up at the hotel we had managed to catch up on most of the gossip and put the world to right on many subjects....

Here is a pic of our sparkling rose cooling nicely in the hotel sink....classy ladies I hear you say...well with no fridge in the room we had to improvise a little as you've gotta have a little drink when getting ready for a girls night out...

This is us leaving the hotel room on the way to the concert...

Oh...sorry on the way to the concert via the wine bar!!!

Now I have to confess we hadn't done too much prep into the event, and all we really knew was the show started at 8pm. Anna had googled that James Arthur and Jesse J were the support acts, and so we had made a pre-arranged agreement that whilst we didn't mind either of these artists we were not in any great rush to see either live, so we would just make our way to the concert at a leisurely pace...

we got to the venue at 8.10 to be told that the show was about to start but as we weren't in any great rush we continued to take our time and get ourselves some wine for the show. However, ten minutes later when the music started up we both looked at each a little bemused to realise that the music that was playing was a JT song...we scarpered a bit sharpish up the stairs, found our seats stared at the stage and within seconds the lights went down and Mr JT himself showed himself in all his coolness in a black tuxedo and white me when I say it was a very good look on him.

He proceeded to sing and dance his way through a number of his all time great songs...cry me a river and suit and tie being two of my favourites.

My husband had very kindly bought some great tickets so we had a pretty good view of the stage anyway, but things just got better when part of the stage suddenly lifted up and very slowly moved across the entire floor of the venue, which meant that apart from the people up in the gods at the back of the venue most people got a pretty great close up view of the lovely Justin.

A change of clothing later (for JT not Anna and me) and some great renditions of heart break hotel by Elvis and Human Nature by Michael Jackson we were having a ball and hadn't actually sat down in our seats once during the whole show...

The final song Mirrors brought the house down and literally made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. It had been a long time since I had been to a live concert and I had forgotten how truly exhilarating and awesome a great live show can make you feel.

The following day was also a real treat as I usually have a two year old jumping all over me at 6.30am on a Saturday morning, so to still be in bed at 9am happily snoozing away was bliss. A quick cuppa in bed followed by a bit of breakfast TV was only trumped by this truly dirty fry up...

With our bellies full we were well and truly fuelled up for a spot of retail therapy at the Bull Ring. Anna was amazed that I had never been before, especially as it is so close to Cheltenham, but I suppose the days of spending a whole day shopping at such places have long gone since Evan came along, and my retail purchases these days usually take place on line when the little one is down sleeping.

So a new Zara top, necklace and pair of wedges later I was all shopped out and ready to go back and see my boy. You see the thing about being away from your child is that it is really lovely and something that you definitely need every now and again....but it also makes you realise how much you love them and enjoy spending time with them, and by Saturday afternoon I was chomping at the bit to get back and see his little squidgy face and cheeky smile...

The rest of my weekend involved playing with cars, watching the Lorax and big wet salty about a weekend of two half's...but I loved them both equally.

So thanks to my lovely husband for such an awesome Christmas present, and thanks to my mate Anna for being such good company and for reminding me how much fun it is to spend some good quality time with a girlfriend...

Thanks for reading

Rhiannon xx

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Am I too old for ombre hair...??

For anyone reading this that knows me or for those that have seen pictures of me through this blog will know that I have very thick, naturally curly hair. I love having long hair and my hair has been pretty much the same length since I was about seventeen, and whilst I keep reading that women of a certain age should start thinking about moving to a shorter more age appropriate length, I can’t quite bring myself to cut it shorter, even though I am long overdue for a change.

I think my reluctance to move away from long hair stems from my childhood days when up until the age of about 13 I was mistaken for a boy, due to my very short cropped hair and straight up and down athletic body. In fact this only changed when I finally started sprouting boobs and even my short little monkey cut finally gave the game away that I was in fact a girl!!

I understand my mum’s decision to keep my unruly hair cut very short…after all she had three young children to look after, and there were no frizz control products or appliances on the market back then to at least help control the frizz and knots.  But I don’t think you can underestimate the effect on a young girl’s ego getting constantly mistaken for a boy at such a fragile age.

Anyway, back to the subject of ombre hair. As my hair length and style has rarely changed in the last twenty years, my only real opportunity to inject any kind of interest and refresh into my hair has been through colour.

Over the years I have tried highlights, lowlights and various shades of brown, blonde and even red, so I’m not afraid of a bit of adventure on the colour front. But one colour trend I haven’t yet tried is Ombre.

Now I appreciate that I am hardly keeping pace with what’s trending, as I know that this look has been around now for a number of years. But the fact that this trend is still pretty prolific after a few years means that clearly it is still a popular choice with many women and so I thought I might give it a whirl.

Done really well the ombre effect on hair can look really very striking. The effect takes on a very different look depending on whether you are sporting straight or curly hair. Straight haired styles make the effect look a lot more obvious and fashion forward, whilst the effect on curly hair is more natural, as the colour wraps itself beautifully around the curls to create a fabulous sun-kissed or honey soaked look depending on the shade of blond you have opted for.

Now you see in my head my new ombre hair will look something along the lines of the beautiful mane of SJP below…

Whereas in reality I fear it could end up looking more like the Nicky Minaj take on ombre…no offence Nicky!!

I’m hoping the former would certainly be the case, but us ladies know the fear that exists just before the towel comes off and reveals our new colour for the first time. Always a nerve wracking few moments.

But I guess the real issue in question for me is the age appropriateness of ombre hair for a 40 year old mum…Is it a cool look for my age, and in fact should I even care either way...or should I accept that this is a look best left to my younger peers…???

What do you guys think? Decision pending feedback so please don’t be shy and let me know via the comment field below, my Facebook or Twitter page....all comments welcome.

 Look forward to hearing from you.

 Thanks for reading


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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

you know you're the mum of a toddler when...

In the middle of an important meeting you reach in your bag for your smart phone and pull out a toy car..awkward..

You suddenly become the sensible one who is always on hand with the wet wipes…not the must have accessory you used to never be without..

The sound of Mummy being murmered in the middle of the night sends panic and dread into you in equal hold your breath and hope for the best..

You have to explain for the 1000th time that throwing is not allowed… especially not drumsticks (sorry daddy) but then have to follow it up with clarification that this rule does not apply to balls..#confused child..

You now have to set your alarm ten minutes earlier to accommodate the Benny Hill routine that takes place every morning when you try to get your toddler dressed for nursery, as judging by the fuss they are making it has clearly become torture to the poor little mite..

Your toddler has developed better stalling negotiation tactics to avoid bed-time than you have ever managed to acquire, despite your attendance at many pricey corporate negotiation courses over the years..

Your toddler clings to your legs sobbing not to be left at nursery in the morning and then sobs in equal measures when you try and drag him away in the evening…#confused mam..

Your toddler can suddenly access all his favourite apps and films on your I-Pad without your help or permission..

Mummy’s boobies suddenly become a source of much amusement much to your deflated ego (and deflated boobs)..

The foods you thought they liked suddenly they don’t and vice versa….and for some reason food now has to be double loaded in both hands...could meal times be any more confusing..

You think your heart will literally melt when your toddler starts talking and says “love you mam”…followed by a far too salty wet kiss…and you love it all the same...

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx


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