Wednesday, 26 February 2014

You know you live in a digital world when... know that we are well and truly in the midst of a social media revolution when today's kids are now engraving their instagram address's onto picnic benches...!!

I'm not kidding, I spotted this today ironically at a service station on my way back home from a meeting related to the world of social media...The irony wasn't lost on me, so much so that I felt compelled to take a quick picture of it...although you can imagine the confused looks I received from my fellow travellers, wondering why I was taking a photo of a random picnic bench!!

You see my life feels as though it is suddenly consumed by social media. For those of you that have been following my blog over the last few months, you will know that I am a Project Manager for a company that designs and produces beauty and lifestyle products. We own the license for many well-known brands and mostly produce cosmetic and toiletry gifting products in partnership with these brands. We also work with a few well known celebrities to create their beauty story. However, in the last few months we have started looking to the world of social media for potential collaborations. Anybody in the know will understand the focus on this new revolution that is currently underway. You see to Generation Y the you tube vloggers of today ARE the new celebrities. For today's teenagers these vloggers are there for them at a click of their smart phones and tablets. They share their highs, low's and everything in between. They help them to deal with the confusing and complex world of being a teenager, ranging from the aesthetic application of applying make-up, right through to dealing with the serious issues of bullying and anxiety. Their power is instant, real and very powerful....and don't forget they get all this for free!!

Then of course there is my little own tiny little space in this new social media world. Of course my blog is aimed at a very different demographic, but I have nonetheless succumbed to this new digital world ...and this from a girl who didn't own her first mobile until she was 25!!! It is incredible to think that in the fifteen years that have passed I am now in a very small way part of this new world with my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts!!

So the boring motorway journey home started me thinking about what lies ahead of us....If I have witnessed such amazing technological advances in the last fifteen years, what would my son's world be like in fifteen year’s time? Who know's how he will be communicating with his old mam when he is all grown up and living away from home...the mind boggles!! I am already horrified and at the same time amazed that his tiny little fingers can swipe through the pages of my I Pad, and that he knows how to switch on his Disney Cars movie and is able to move swiftly from one app to another...and he has literally just turned two!

It is a future that is exciting and scary at the same time....and of course if you are reading this then you are also a fully paid up member of the social media community..!!

On a final note...Whilst I am in no way condoning vandalism, I am curious as to how much additional traffic Theo has managed to amass through the ingenious advertising of his Instagram account...go Theo..!!

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Rhiannon xx


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