Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Parenthood...the reality versus the fantasy...

You may have read in one of my earlier posts that I had decided that 2014 was the year that I got off my backside and got more active. So in the spirit of getting fit and also doing some fun stuff with Scott and Evan, last Saturday was the day set for our first family bike ride.

The sun was due to shine all day which in itself was exciting enough following the grey wet weather we have had of late. We had gone to great lengths to get this family bike ride organised. Up until last Saturday I didn't even own a bike, so at 9am Saturday morning we were in Halfords buying a new bike in anticipation of the family fun that I had no doubt lay ahead that day.

We had also spent several evenings researching the best bike seat to purchase for Evan that would allow for maximum enjoyment for our little man. (now.. when I say we had spent several evenings researching what I meant to say was Scott had done the research and I had just stuck my two penneth in whenever I felt the need!) We finally decided on the Weeride which sits at the front of the bike, allowing for full interaction and resulting in Evan not having to spend the vast majority of the bike ride with his head stuffed into his dad's backside! We even paid an additional fee to guarantee a Saturday morning delivery....surely nothing could scupper our plans...

Well... how wrong I was. Our perfect family bike ride was in reality a perfect anti-climax, and a great example of how the fantasy you sometimes have in your head of your perfect family life is in reality sometimes the complete opposite. I think in my head our little bike ride was going to resemble a scene from the Sound of know the one I mean when the children are all cycling through town with Maria, singing and laughing with gay abandonment...I believe it is still o.k to reference the words gay abandonment in the context of a film released in the 60's!!

It started with the construction of the bike seat. To you Weeride manufacturers I beg to differ that your bike seat takes a mere twenty minutes to put together and attach to your bike. In defence of my husband he is pretty handy in the handyman department, so I was not concerned when the twenty minutes came and went. However, when after an hour Scott came into the house cursing that he had dropped a crucial nut required in the fitting and could not find it I started to get a little concerned.

Nevertheless, my spirits were still high in anticipation of our family adventure so I happily agreed to help, Ev was still only an hour into his lunchtime nap so we still had plenty of time to get back on track.

However thirty minutes later the lost nut was still lost and tempers were starting to fray, especially when the decision was made to empty out the garage as this blasted nut had to be somewhere. Following a fraught period of moving everything out of the garage and still no nut in sight, the inevitable decision was made to abandon our bike ride and accept that the planned fun was not going to happen...well at least not that day anyway.

Scott picked up his bike in anger to start moving everything back into the garage and as he did the infamous nut popped out of the wheel and rolled innocently across the garage floor and stopped dead on cue at his feet.

Success...our bike ride was going to happen...Evan was starting to stir...let’s do this.

However, what we didn't anticipate was Evan absolutely hating the idea of putting a helmet on..he was having none of it. He shouted, he moaned and even had a little cry at the prospect, and twenty minutes later after much persuasion and cajoling we finally managed to get him to agree to wear his helmet...What selfish parents trying to keep our only child safe from harm!

By the time we set off Evan was miserable and Scott and I were barely speaking to each other...surely things could only improve...Five minutes into the ride I remember thinking this is great, it was all worth it....the sun was shining, the wind was blowing through my hair, my legs were pumping away and our family bike ride was well and truly under way. Then I turned around to see that Evan wasn't enjoying the ride quite as much as I was. In fact he was downright miserable and continued to be miserable until we decided after fifteen minutes to throw the towel in and headed back home.

We got home into the warm, Evan perched himself onto his beanbag and asked for his cars DVD to be put on, and within minutes was as happy as a pig in the proverbial you know what. Scott and I looked at each other with that knowing parenting look of why did we bother. Why indeed...!!!

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Rhiannon xx

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  1. Keep trying the helmet and the bike. My two both have Hamax seats on the back which are fantastic and really roomy. For the first few goes they spent the whole time trying to remove their helmets but soon got used to it and now willingly put their helmets on. Nancy often crawls into the room wearing her helmet and Stanley gets most upset if his doesn't go on quick enough!