Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Day one in the Tudor house without Evan.....

So It's fair to say that as months go January has been a bit of a tough one on the parenting front. There have been a variety of reasons that have worked against us and taken its toll, leaving me to properly live up to the name of Frazzled Mum!

Firstly, the weather has been rubbish and as many of you other parents out there will know, this creates rather limited options on the activity front, resulting in an epidemic of cabin fever. Secondly I have a sneaky suspicion that the terrible two's might have well and truly kicked in, as Evan over the last few weeks seems to be particularly strong willed, stubborn and (I guess I can say it as he's my child), on some occasions a damn right pain in the backside. 'No' certainly seems to be the favourite word in his vocab (even when a question is not asked!?!?), and I don't mind admitting that it's starting to wear a little thin.

It didn't help that Evan came down with a high temperature and heavy cold about two weeks ago (bless him), which caused speedy alternative childcare arrangements so our poorly little man could be looked after. He literally didn't know what to do with himself for over a week.

So all in all as the end of January approached both Scott and I were well in need of a little bit of rest and recuperation....and that has thankfully come this week in the form of my parents returning from holiday and offering to take "The Boy" back to Wales for a few days....yeeeaaah!

So with the offer received over a week ago, planning commenced forthwith for lots of lovely grown up activities we could cram in.

Day 1 Involved Scott going to work as normal and me travelling to London for a meeting to finalise a deal on a very exciting product range for 2014 (more of that in the months to come when the cat is out of the bag).

The plan was to arrive back at Cheltenham train station at six, Scott would pick me up and we would go for a meal and a few drinks followed by the cinema to watch American Hustle. Neither of us could even remember the last time we went to the cinema together...I think it was to watch the Hangover part 2 and I was pregnant with Evan, so that was at least two years ago! Also the prospect of watching a film that didn't involve cartoon cars was sheer excitement in itself..

However, as very often happens, not everything went exactly according to plan. On being picked up at the station Scott told me that our chosen film didn't start until nine and lasted over two hours. Did we really want to be getting home at gone eleven o' rock and roll are we!!! So instead we decided to stop and have a cheeky vino / beer at one of our favourite bars in town and make new plans.

The first drink was going down really well whilst reminiscing about our 'courting days' in the same very pub. It felt really indulgent and exciting to be out for after work drinks especially on a 'school night'! Alas though we had the car and so decided it would be a good idea to drive home and take a leisurely stroll to one of our village pubs and go for a bite to eat and some more drinks.

You've probably guessed the rest of the story...Yep...we got home into a warm house, kicked off our shoe's, opened a bottle of 'sav', tucked into a well needed sausage baguette (yes my January healthy eating is going brilliantly!) and decided that actually it would be quite nice to cwtch up on the sofa, catch up on Sky Plus and go to bed for a lovely 8 hours of unbroken, uninterrupted sleep...bliss!!!!

However, not to fear we don't pick Evan up until Friday night so we still have Day 2, 3 & 4 to come yet....well we don't want to peak too soon do we...!

Tune in for more child free 'wild and crazy' action in the Tudor house in the days to come....xx

Thanks for reading..

Rhiannon xx

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