Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Comfort food with a twist...

Anybody that knows me will no doubt be surprised to see me posting a recipe as I am not known for my culinary skills, in fact it is fair to say that I am a pretty shocking cook. I would say that probably 90% of the meals cooked in my house are prepared by my husband.
However, my little boy has been poorly the last few days so consequently we have been staying close to home, and so on Sunday I decided to have a bash at cooking a lovely home cooked meal for my family. I would love to say that I just became overwhelmed with the desire to be a good wife and mother and provide my boys with a hearty meal, but in reality it was more to do with the fact that my husband was hung-over and therefore it was looking highly unlikely that he was going to venture anywhere near the kitchen and prepare anything of note! I therefore settled on a recipe that my sister had recently given me, a spin on an old classic...cottage pie, but made with sweet potato and leek mash.
It’s effectively the same recipe as cottage pie...onions, carrots, mince and stock, along with ready to eat lentils. But the twist is that the topping is mashed sweet potatoes and leeks made with crème fraiche. I guess it only really works for anybody that likes sweet potato, but for me it gives it that lovely added sweetness and doesn't bloat you in the same way that normal potatoes sometimes can.

We have struggled to get any food in Evan for the last few days, so it was lovely to see him tucking into my cottage pie, even if it was for only a few bites before he gave up and remembered he was ill. Even my husband complimented on how lovely it was, praise indeed for my cooking!
So here it is....in all its half-eaten glory...If you like cottage pie and you like sweet potatoes then this is definitely one for you....comfort food at its best...

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