Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Warning....cheesy christmas jumper alert!!!

Well, come on it is Christmas and if you can’t indulge in a little bit of self ridicule at Christmas then when can you? Although I have to say that on the self ridicule front I think my husband may have come off worse…My son is currently a little bit obsessed with snowmen so he’s more than happy with his little number. As for me, well I chose a jumper that just about sneaks into the christmas jumper category, but only just and certainly doesn’t really involve any self ridicule. However, I’m not sure the same can be said about Mr T's. When I suggested a few weeks ago that as Evan and I had christmas jumpers it might be quite nice for him to also participate let’s just say he wasn’t too keen. However, he has since come around, and as with everything that Scott does when he decides to do something then he really goes for it. So he did his christmas jumper on-line research and decided upon this lovely little Rudolph number. I am a little concerned that I am strangely attracted to Scott in this jumper…but I’m sure it’s just the all day drinking that’s to blame!

Talking about day time drinking, my Christmas day so far has consisted of mostly just drinking bubbly and eating chocolates...

To be fair Christmas day in my parents house is always a boozy affair….in fact we actually had a conversation yesterday about whether we had enough alcohol to see us through to boxing day. We decided that 12 bottles of Prosecco, 6 bottles of champagne and umpteen bottles of wine would probably be sufficient…worrying that the word probably was used!!

I’m hoping that it’s not just me that has been on the bubbly since about eleven o’clock this morning…Well isn’t that what Christmas is all about. But I do find it quite amusing that its not only accepted but actually actively encouraged at Christmas, and yet if we told our mates that we had spent most of a normal Wednesday on the booze and chocolates they would worry that a personal crisis had hit our lives without them even realising!

And of course we can’t discuss Christmas day without talking about pressies. I have been very lucky today and have received some lovely gifts from my loved ones…but it wouldnt be christmas without the obligatory cheesy slippers...or in my case cheesy slipper socks!!!

However, I had to be gracious and take it on the chin when my gorgeous 19 year old niece bought me the Lancome Genefique anti-ageing serum. I know that I turned 40 this year but seriously talk about throwing it in someone’s face….literally… with my amazing new face serum that I am assured will make me look five years younger!! Whilst I am sure that in a few months time when I am indeed looking five years younger I will be very grateful for this wonderous serum…but I’m not sure if I had a mate that always wore creased clothes I would go out and buy her an iron for Christmas!! However, for the purposes of this blog and taking a hit for the team for us slightly older ladies, I will be doing a before and after trial on this product and will report back the results in a later blog.

As far as Evan’s presents are concerned well they were a big hit…particularly the scooter, cars and giant bear which he has been non-stop dive bombing since eight o’clock this morning...although judging by the state on big bear this evening I would say he has also had a few sneaky glasses of bubbly!!

So I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas day so far, whether it be relaxing and chilled or fun packed and busy…
I hope to see you all again for my next blog in the new year…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all....

Rhiannon xx

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